The Little Things

It’s cute when you become desperate for my attention :p

Life’s too short to hold back. I wish I had approached you sooner. Maybe we could’ve been back to normal. I missed you so fucking much. And taking the risk and doing that was probably the best thing I’ve done all month. It feels good to know now you talked to me because you actually liked our friendship and not because you liked me. I always worried you were only my friend because of that. And it’s too early in the morning rn but I’m happy.

It’s not that fucking easy you can’t just say Imy come see me if doesn’t fucking work that way I’m so fucking mad at you. You forget I’m not rich like you I can’t drop everything and just go see you. I’m sorry she left but shit that doesn’t mean you come back to me and try to break my relationship apart what the fuck right now are you fucking serious.youre obviously drunk but still. “It was always you” LOL suck my ass dude. Where the fuck were you when I needed you. Where the fuck were you when I was fucking depressed. Don’t give me that come to London with me let me treat you right bullshit rn.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck the one time I fall asleep rolling I dream about cheating on you with your freaking brother lol. Breathe head. It’s only because he lifted my chin up so we could meet eye to eye that one time. But chin lifts are my fucking weakness. Just a dream just a dream. Everything is going to be ok.

I’m rolling and trying to freakin remember our serious talk we freaking had in the car. It’s been bothering me all day And I finally remember little pieces.
We were talking about the honeymoon stage and going out on nice dates and how you don’t count us being together for 3 months. And tbh I don’t either when people ask I say on and off though. Because during our break it was still you. It was always you. Even when we were “friends” and I had to pretend I wasn’t super happy to finally see you again. And when I had to resist calling you babe and kissing you. And freaking not wanting to text you was so hard. I’m so happy with you. I just hope you are too. Because you’re a fucking keeper.

life with you is so motherfucking great 

Every night I lay in bed and I think. Usually about everything or nothing. But now all I ever think about is you. And today it’s you and led. Led is most def a turning point for us. And I often wonder what is it that triggered you to change your mind. Was it the roll or because you went to prom with someone else the day before. It wasn’t exactly how I imagined getting asked out but I don’t mind it. Everything was just such a blur and went by so quick. And I wish every day I could relive it. Because if there’s anything I do remember from that moment was how happy you were and how happy you made me feel.

LOL I reminded my mom I wasn’t coming home until Sunday morning and she asked me if I was on my period. And that I could only go out that long if I was on my period HAHA. Wtf yes mom I’m going to have 48 hours of sex.