The Little Things

Thinking about it everyday ive realized You’re such a pain in the ass but your my pain the ass. I know we’ve been talking too long to count the months we’ve been together but 3 months was Wednesday. Happy3 months hun. Its crazy how we met on the 27th of December. And it just so happens you asked me on the 27th of May. The past three months have been the happiest months of my life.

I love spending time with your family. Your mom is like the strict but needed mom I’ve never had. She’s always giving me advise and she cares for me more than my own mom I feel like lol. Your brother is like another version of you but funnier LOLOL I see things in him that I see from you like you both share the same way you scratch your head and you both share that dumb but adorable smirk and I love seeing you two just catch up and talk. Your dad is so chill so easy to talk to. I see you in him too the same way you put your hand on my back to let me go first he did that with your mom today and idk it was so cute. Although I know I’m not family but I like being a small part of it once in a while. I like living the normal family life with you. My family is fabricated it’s not even a true family LOL I guess that’s why I anticipate when Bryan comes home. Not because I think he’s cute or whatever I just like seeing y’all as a family. Gives me a glimpse of what a real family’s like.

i know you keep saying its okay and its no big deal but it is to me. i almost got you hurt and i was so angry at myself driving the rest of the way home. so angry at how clue less and careless i was with you in the car. you don’t understand how much i care for you and how sad i would be if you were ever hurt. I lost enough people i care about in my life and if you ever got hurt (especially when its inflicted from me) i don’t know how i would take it. i honestly don’t think i would be able to handle it. 

Fuck why did you have to post that picture.

seeing that dumb smirk on your face makes me smile for days endlessly